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Canadiens Fan Puts Nachos On Bathroom Floor, Is Certified Psychopath

Emmanuel Perry's Twitter

Emmanuel Perry’s Twitter

I’ve seen a lot of disgusting things at sporting events over the years, but this takes the cake. A Montreal Canadiens fan did the unthinkable while taking a bathroom break at a game.

This man needs to be put in a mental institution ASAP. He is a danger to himself and others with this horrifying behavior. Directly under a urinal where you are currently peeing is literally the last place on the planet where I’d put my soda and nachos. He might as well have gnawed on a urinal cake if he was looking for a snack.

It’s especially upsetting looking at this picture when this whole situation is so easy to avoid. All you have to do is take a piss and THEN hit up the concession stand. It’s never the other way around. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Grab nachos before taking a leak and you’re a complete moron.

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