Shane Battier Talks Defensive Keys, His 2001 Duke Championship Team, And Pizza Hut

Love him or hate him, Shane Battier is a champion at every single level: high school, college, and in the NBA. Battier also recognized as one of the players who benefitted the most from the use of analytics in basketball. By using numbers and data to figure out where opposing players liked to shoot from, he was transformed from a decent defensive player to an extremely efficient defender.

As someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes everything NBA, I jumped at the opportunity to dig into the mind of the man who was once called the seventh smartest professional athlete of all time.

We talked to him about how he thinks his incredible 2001 Duke team (Battier, Chris Duhon, Mike Dunleavy Jr, Carlos Boozer) would fare against the teams of today. We asked him about his toughest matchups. We asked him about some of his keys to playing good defense. And I was just sitting there soaking it all in like a sponge.

Battier’s out and about helping to promote this awesome initiative Pizza Hut just launched, called the “Pizza Hut All-American.” Essentially, Pizza Hut is looking for the greatest college sports fan in the world to travel to all the NCAA championship games (basketball, football, bowling, volleyball, etc.) and document the whole thing. Oh, and not only are you going to some of the biggest sports games of the year, you’re also making $50K. That’s a higher salary than most people are making straight out of college.

From the site:

Every year, the NCAA crowns 90 National Champions. That’s a whopping 90 times a team has bested everyone else – through mud and sweat, bruises and tears.

And for some crazy reason, every year, we (mostly) hear about just a handful of those 90 wins. Sure, March Madness, the College Football Championship, the Frozen Four, the College World Series…those are all GREAT.

But what about golf? And bowling? Or skiing? Field hockey? Gymnastics? Fans of those sports are just as passionate as those who love football and basketball. They’re painting their faces, and braving the cold, and blowing out their voices in the stands all the same. That’s why Pizza Hut, as the Official Pizza Partner of the NCAA, is going to give one passionate sports fan the opportunity of a lifetime: The chance to celebrate NCAA Division 1 championships as the “Pizza Hut All-American.”

If you’re interested in applying for the job of the century, head over to and enter your information there.

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