Get Rich Quick With Our Gambler’s Guide to the NFL: Week 7

Alright, so we went 2-2-1 with the picks last week. Not the best start, and I may have missed my Lock of the Week, but I didn’t lose anyone any money so beggars can’t be choosers. A push is a win in my mind, so let’s get back on track and make our bookies cry this Sunday.

Unlike last week where I said I didn’t like any of the games, I feel much better about the slate of games this week and feel pretty good about all of my picks. So no more beating around the bush, let’s get to it.

Ravens +1 @ Jets

Ravens  Jets

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Want to hear a funny joke? Geno Smith is back at quarterback for the Jets and the Ravens are still underdogs. I know the Ravens have a ton of injuries, but they almost beat the Giants last week, who I think are a much better team than the Jets. I don’t think the Ravens are that great, but they’re a desperate team who have dropped their last three and I think they’ll get back on track this week.

Redskins +1 @ Lions

Redskins Lions

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I hate the Redskins, but they might actually be pretty good. After starting off the year 0-2, they’ve won four straight games and have shown no signs of slowing down. I have no idea what I’m going to get with the Lions each week, so I’m just going to pick Washington because if they win I’ll win money, and if not then they lose, which I can always get behind.

Vikings -2.5 @ Eagles

Vikings Eagles

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The Vikings are good, damn good. I know Philadelphia is a pretty tough place to play, but I think Minnesota will take care of business against the Eagles this Sunday. Look, Carson Wentz is a good quarterback, but he hasn’t played a defense this good, so I think he’s going to have his hands full. Take the Vikings, they’ll win pretty handily this weekend. My friend is also on the Vikings, and he’ll kick my ass if I bet against him. Skol!

Raiders +1 @ Jaguars

Raiders Jaguars

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The Jags were one of my winners last week and I thank them for that, but we’re going with Oakland this weekend. The Raiders are coming off a bad loss to Kansas City last Sunday so I think they’ll right the wrong this weekend in Jacksonville. Yeah, I know that teams coming from the West Coast don’t have a great record playing on the East Coast, but I’m sticking with my gut and going with the Raiders (my gut has a losing gambling record for its career).

Seahawks + 2 @ Cardinals: Lock of the Week

Seahawks Cardinals

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I may even make this one the Lock of the Year I’m so sure about it. Seattle may have gotten away with a blatant pass interference call at the end of the game against Atlanta last weekend, but they’ve been playing great as of late, and I don’t expect that to change Sunday night. Arizona had a nice win against the Jets last weekend, but so has basically everyone else in the NFL. The team clearly hasn’t looked as good as they did last year, and I think that the Seahawks may beat up on them in front of their home fans.

Yeah, I took all road teams this week, because you don’t make a name for yourself by betting on home teams like a chump. Road Warriors all day baby, 5-0 here we come.

Record (started in Week 6): 2-2-1

Locks of the Week: 0-1

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