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Meet Melinda Currey: Girlfriend Of Ottawa Senator Erik Karlsson

Melinda Currey's Instagram

Melinda Currey’s Instagram

I was doing my usual research today, trying to find some quality material for my hard-hitting style of journalism when I came across a post at For The Win that caught my eye. The article was about Ottawa Senator Erik Karlsson dressing up as Black Swan for Halloween.

I just want to be perfect. ⚫️🐦🙆🏻

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While it’s pretty funny seeing the big fella do his best Natalie Portman impression, I was much more interested in the babe by his side. This wasn’t the first time the pair rocked dynamite Halloween costumes either, as they pulled off awesome Little Mermaid and Cookie Monster tributes last year.

Listen to me.. The human world, it's a mess. 🐚🐠

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My poor unfortunate soul! 😱🐙

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C is for cookie and cookie is for me. 🍪 #happyhalloween

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The lovely young lady is Melinda Currey, and she and Karlsson have been together for a couple of years now. I’m furious at myself for not finding out about her sooner, but in my defense, I don’t know a goddamn thing about hockey. No excuses, though. I’m contacting my local cable provider as we speak to order the NHL Center Ice package strictly for investigative purposes.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Currey graduated from Carleton University in 2010 with an honors degree in communications and a minor in psychology. It also says that she’s currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Wellington Creative, so she clearly has both beauty and brains.

That’s about all the background info I could find on Melinda Currey, but thankfully, her Instagram is chock-full of useful material. Enjoy some of her hottest photos in the gallery below.

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