ISIS’ Use Of Drones Further Displays It’s Status As An Immediate Threat

It looks like ISIS is using our own technology against us… Surprise, surprise. First, it was social media, then it was planting sleeper cells within our borders, and now they are using drones to attack our allies. Recently, members of Kurdish forces were dismantling a drone that they thought belonged to the U.S. when it exploded and destroyed an entire building. While the explosion didn’t kill anyone, it did injure several soldiers and only adds to the seriousness of the ongoing ISIS issue.

Military analysts believe that the drone problem will continue in both Iraq and Syria, as the drones become more sophisticated and their payloads increase. The U.S. continues to use airstrikes against ISIS forces, however, it seems that their continued attacks do nothing but rally together more followers. This begs the question, how do you stop something that no matter how many times you try and kill it, it just keeps coming back?

 (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The answer is actually quite simple if you know your American history. In World War II, the Japanese soldiers were a formidable foe because they would have rather died honorably than surrendered like a coward. ISIS fighters, like the Japanese, are willing to die for what they believe in because they are promised 72 virgins in heaven, according to the warped Islamic teachings that ISIS leaders preach to their recruits.

The only thing that stopped the Japanese were two nuclear bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki instilled a fear within the Japanese that not even death could take away, and similar tactics need to be used against ISIS. While measures as drastic as the ones taken against the Japanese are not necessary, the U.S. must instill a fear within their ranks that will end their incursion in one fowl swoop.

Whatever that swoop may be, it has to be done at once. ISIS is a disease that will keep spreading throughout the Middle East, and regardless of how many airstrikes the U.S. continues to deploy, they will only grow and become more advanced. As shown by their recent drone attacks, if they are not taken head on, this disease of the Middle East will become a worldwide problem.

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