WATCH: Third Presidential Debate Full Video: Final Debate

Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off in the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, NV. As in previous two debates, Trump and Clinton started off the night very civil, but as we all know, that would quickly change. Some insults were exchanged including Clinton calling Trump Putin’s puppet while Trump fired back and called Clinton a nasty woman. Compared to what we’ve heard in the past, I would say that these insults were pretty miniscule.

The final debate covered a wide variety of topics from abortion and immigration to the nomination process of Supreme Court justices. By far, the most memorable line of the night came from Trump in regards to border control. Trump has been adamant about strengthening our border and deporting illegal immigrants. When describing deportation, Trump said, “We have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna get them out.” Let’s remember that one of these candidates will be sworn in as the 45th President of The United States this January.

It’s always hard to pick out a true winner in these debates. Some polls had Clinton winning while others had Trump as the winner. Each candidate will say that they won, but you never know who the real winner is until election day.

Now that the debates are over, the countdown to election day will intensify as the candidates will make their final push towards the presidency before voting commences on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

To watch the entire debate, click the video below.





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