The Full Timeline Of Derrick Rose’s Trial

Ever since depositions started over the summer, many fans have been wondering what the whole story is behind the case itself and when will it finally be over so Derrick Rose can return to the court.

The mysterious “Jane Doe” plaintiff has refused to relent in her suit against Derrick Rose and is committed to taking his entire 2016-17 salary, which amounts to $21.5 million, though, in the end, it appears she was unsuccessful. The following is a breakdown of Rose’s and Doe’s relationship so you can make your own deductions.

Oct 2011: Rose meets Doe at a party he hosted during the 2011 NBA lockout.

Remainder of 2011: Rose and Doe initiate their relationship, attending parties and college basketball games together.

April 28th, 2012: Rose tears his ACL and sits out the entire 2012-13 season.

Remainder of 2012: Rose and Doe continue their relationship as Rose sits out the entire 2012-13 season to rehab from his ACL injury.

End of 2012: Doe and Rose’s relationship becomes on-and-off as they share texts and she misses many of the flights he gets for her to come to Chicago. She claims that she was “put off” by the fact that Rose had a girlfriend in Chicago.

May 2013: Doe finally relents and visits Rose in Chicago, she comes with a friend and when he demands that the three of them start getting intimate, she refuses. Rose then shows Doe’s friend a picture of his baby, which turned her off completely as she was unaware of the child before. Doe then breaks it off with Rose completely.

August 26th, 2013: The night of the alleged gang rape, Rose invited Doe and her friend Jessica Groff over to his mansion that he was renting in Beverly Hills and has a car pick them up and bring them back to the house. The two of them drink wine along the way and continue to drink when they get to the house. At the house with Rose are his two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton. Together the five of them drank, and eventually the two girls left after they refused to take their clothes off for the guys.

When she returns to her house, Doe contends that she was drugged as she needed the cab drivers help to get inside. As soon as she was inside she started throwing up, eventually texting Rose telling him to come to her as soon as possible. He responded by telling her to come to him, eventually relenting and going over to her house with Allen and Hampton.

When the group arrived they called and texted Doe with no response and according to Doe, they eventually entered the apartment through an often unlocked door. Rose states that Doe eventually let them in and brought them up to her apartment. Doe then alleges that they came in and had sex with her while she was unconscious, while Rose contends that she was awake and consented. The next morning, Doe woke up naked, in pain, and with lubricant all over her and was late to her job, which she eventually lost.

Aug 26, 2015: At the deadline for the two-year statute of limitations, Doe files a lawsuit against Rose  claiming he raped her and is seeking $21.5 million in damages, which also happens to be the entire salary of the final year of his current NBA contract.

June 17: Rose goes into court for his deposition of what happened that night and his request for Jane Doe’s identity to be revealed is rejected.

June 23: Rose is traded to the Knicks and Phil Jackson is aware of the situation.

September 13-16: Doe speaks out and states that Rose didn’t understand what consent meant.

September 20: Judge rules that Doe must use her real name if the case goes to trial, the Judge believes that by allowing Doe to maintain her anonymity makes Rose look guilty. Now the only way to maintain her anonymity is if the two parties settle or Doe drops the case.

October 11: Rose claims that the entire situation feels like a set-up, particularly with the suggestive texts that she sent him earlier that day.

October 19: Derick Rose’s trial is dismissed and he is cleared of all charges, avoiding what could have been $21.3 million in damages.

Derrick Rose Rape Case

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Derrick Rose case is a messy one, but when you look at all of the facts, it is possible to see how this whole situation could have been a set-up for Rose. In the end, luckily for Rose, there is a new season of basketball to play and a trial to put behind him.

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