Bombshell Study Finds That 91% Of Ex-College Players Studied Have CTE

Wow. I mean… f*ck. Wow. I knew the concussion problem facing the NFL was real, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. And this wasn’t even a study of NFL players. It was college kids, a league in which the hits are less frequent and less ferocious.

According to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, former college football players from over 100 schools have CTE. The Concussion Legacy Foundation, which studies concussions and brain injuries, announced that 138 of the 152 former college football players studied at Veterans Affairs-Boston University-Concussion Legacy Foundation brain bank have CTE.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, CTE, is a degenerative condition that can be caused by repeated head trauma. CTE can lead to memory loss, dementia, and erratic behavior, though it can only be officially diagnosed by direct examination of the brain after death. Will Smith made a whole B- movie about it, remember?

It’s important to note that these are just of the results of the brains studied by the organization. According to Yahoo, it’s reasonable to assume that the majority of brains for head trauma study are donated because of possible issues. But given the rate of discovery, it’s unreasonable to assume that CTE isn’t common among all people who have played football for a considerable amount of time.

All in all, it’s unfortunately just more of the damning evidence that has been piling up against the game of football the last couple years. Combine this finding with the CLF’s previous discovery that 96% of NFL players’ brains tested positive for CTE, and you have yourself about a stone cold lock: if you play football for an extended period of time, you will develop CTE.

[h/t Yahoo]

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