You Don’t Understand The Importance of Texas Football Until You Learn The Fair Market Value of UT-Austin Players

For some time now, the conversation surrounding “pay for play” and college athletes has been heavily discussed. Fans of the idea love to talk about how much revenue these college athletes bring in to the schools, whereas haters claim that the value of the athletes receive plenty in the form of a college education. But now new numbers from Business Insider, which give the fair market value of these student-athletes, seem to indicate that the amount of money these players bring into the school far exceeds a $60K-a-year education. Especially in Texas.

The staggering numbers indicate that in a free market system that operates in a similar manner to the NFL, every single player at The University of Texas-Austin should be paid $671K a year for the revenue they bring into the team. That’s essentially their worth per year. The next highest school program would be The University of Alabama Crimson Tide players, who is worth $536K per year.

The average University of Texas football player is now worth more than $670,000 per year

— Business Insider (@businessinsider) October 19, 2016

Those numbers are astounding, especially for a Texas that’s really not all that successful. Honestly I’m not even sure how UT-Austin could afford to pay their players even a fraction of that. The value of these players is probably inflated by the insanely lucrative television deal that UT has with the Longhorn Network, but there’s something to be said for the viewers who tune into this underperforming team every single year.

Is this a fair assessment of a college player’s worth? I honestly have no idea because A) I’m not a big numbers guy and B) I don’t know how BI came up with these figures. Those two things aside,  I can assure you that a ton of college football players reading this right now will probably tweet out how upset they are that they’re getting boned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Those are the kinds of numbers that everyone understands.

H/T: CampusSports

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