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Blink-182 Comes Out With The Most Member Berries Music Video You’ll Ever See


Member the ’90s? Member Nirvana? Member Monica Lewinsky? Because Blink-182 wants you to. Today they dropped the music video for their single “She’s Out Of Her Mind” and it looks suspiciously familiar. Oh, that’s right, it’s an exact copy of 1999’s “What’s My Age Again?” only the nudity has been reversedĀ and seriously upgraded. I mean, holy shit where did they find these chicks? Never seen ’em before in my life.

In all honesty, though, this song ain’t bad. It definitely sounds like retro Blink, which is never a bad thing. Blink’s had somewhat of a renaissance year – their album California debuted at number 1 and they had a wildly successful summer tour. Blink-182’s success is due to what South Park has been talking about all season — faux nostalgia. Blink is trying to use their past success to sell you on their new content. As the Member Berries would say: “MemberĀ the ’90s where there was no war and a surplus and Blink-182 was the best band on Earth?”

And since it’s fittingly throwback Thursday:

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