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UF Student Responds To The “Halloween Costume Triggering” Email That’s Going Viral


University of Florida Halloween Costume

The University of Florida officials sent out an email to students saying that the Counseling and Wellness Center will be offering counseling to any student who gets upset over a Halloween costume last week.

The first people to blow a gasket over this act were those over the age of 60, and of course, they went to Facebook to complain to their great-grandchildren. “Everyone gets so easily offended nowadays,” “pussies,” and “I’m from Gainesville and I’m not weird or liberal. I think reading this is crazy” were all said by real, actual people who were offended by people who get “offended.”

But of course, these people who go out of their way to complain were enticed by a higher authority that does the same. Fox Sports reporter Clay Travis is known to troll many SEC colleges, however, his most recent act is probably the most absurd of them all. Clay prank called the hotline number and said he wanted to make a point about how overly sensitive people have become. During this call, he pretended to be a gay student offended by a Harambe costume makes a valid point, right? Stop eating shit Clay*.

Luckily, the current students at the University of Florida are all proud of the safe space that was created. I personally know people that have benefited from this service.

Last year at a Halloween social, a guy dressed as Casper the friendly ghost decided that it would be ok to whip his junk out because he was a ghost after all and “no one” would see it. WRONG! This man could have easily overpowered anyone at that event, it’s not justifiable to think that because you are dressed as a ghost you magically become transparent. I encourage all students to use these services if horrified by other students attire and to also educate yourself before you dress up as a stereotype or mock a culture. If you don’t understand what’s “Yay” and “Nay” is, here are a couple of tips:

-Dressing up like Native Americans = Nay!
-Dressing up like Zombie Trump = Yay!
-Dressing up like Mexicans and other Hispanic or Latino people = Nay!

*Eating shit (verb) /EAT-iNG SHit/ Origin Miami.
When a person or group of people partake in an activity that is counterproductive and complete waste of time.

COED Writer