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Ty Lawson Is Becoming The NBA’s Johnny Manziel, Chooses Partying Over Professionalism

 (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Taking a page straight out of Johnny Manziel’s book How To Blow Opportunities & Alienate Teammates, Ty Lawson is beginning to squander what may be his last chance at an NBA job with the Sacramento Kings. The other day, Lawson missed a team flight Friday morning after a game in Las Vegas on Thursday. As it turns out, Lawson missed the flight because he was hungover from a long night of partying after the game. While there is nothing wrong with a grown man partying in Vegas, as Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have done in the past, Lawson is on his fourth team in three years, and on an unguaranteed contract no less.

He was first traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Houston Rockets not long after his fourth DUI arrest. The Rockets figured that things would work themselves out and he would return and be a solid contributor to the team. When things didn’t return to normal, the Rockets shipped him to Indiana where he played sparingly behind Pacers starter George Hill. Now with the Kings, Lawson’s career is potentially on its last legs.

As a 5’11 point guard, he was already fighting an uphill battle being a little man in a big man’s game. While the Sacramento Kings may be the most dysfunctional franchise in the NBA, Lawson’s antics will not endear him┬áto the front office, especially when they can cut their losses without any financial obligation. That being said, if Lawson wants to continue his NBA career and have it prosper, he must learn to walk the straight and narrow.

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