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Olya Abramovich: 22 Hottest Photos Of Instagram Model


Olya Abramovich Hottest Photos

Olya Abramovich is one of the hottest chicks on all of Instagram. The blonde Russian beauty has amassed over 1.3 million followers in less than a few years, mostly because of the amazing bikini and “lifestyle” photos that she takes around the world. Occasionally, she’ll even post a picture or two that gets removed from¬†Instagram because of the raciness, which doesn’t make any sense because that’s the only reason that people follow her. Abramovich has said it herself,¬†“If you really have to report my photos as nudity and pornography, please delete me from your friend list or stop following me.”

Incredibly,¬†Abramovich has decided to stay out of Moscow, unlike the rest of her IG Russian Hottie friends and instead lives on some beach resort. We’re not saying that she’s slumming it up or anything at some nice place on the ocean, but it’s nice that she’s decided to be at least somewhat different. Plus, it just gives her more reasons to post pictures of her in a bikini.

Check out her hottest photos below.

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