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MSU Student Gets Blasted On 21st Birthday, Steals Delivery Car And Goes For Joyride


MSU Stolen Delivery Car

An MSU student had a little bit too much fun on his 21st birthday Saturday night in East Lansing when he allegedly stole a delivery car and took it for a cruise around town. Police caught up with the suspect, who then damaged multiple cars before he was taken into custody.


Police found the suspect along Grand River Avenue, where a slow-speed pursuit then ensued.

As the suspect came to the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Abbot Road, he encountered multiple cars stopped at the intersection waiting for a green light, Wriggelsworth said.

Wriggelsworth said the suspect attempted to weave through the idle traffic, but hit several of the stopped cars. He was then arrested.

Wriggelsworth said the suspect will face charges at a later date.

Once you turn 21 there aren’t any rules anymore right? Oh, guess not… There are some crazy stories out there about 21st birthday shenanigans but this one’s got to be towards the top. You have to be in a special state of “intoxicated” to think that stealing a car for a quick game of GTA in real life is a good idea. Just imagine how disoriented the poor delivery guy must have been after he dropped off his order of late night food and came back to an empty space where his car should have been. That had to be an awkward call back to the boss.

My biggest question about this situation is where the hell are the birthday boy’s friends? When you go out on your 21st birthday for your first legal drink it’s kind of expected that you might make a bad decision or two. That’s when your presumably more sober friends step in to make sure you don’t do anything too stupid like text your ex, or get in a fight, or, ya know, STEAL A CAR. Somebody dropped the ball big time on making sure homeboy got home safe that night and if you ask me, the blame in this situation falls on the shoulders of this guy’s wingmen.

  • COED Writer