I Think We Can All Agree The First Lady Looked Fine AF Last Night

Find me the person who says they wouldn’t smash Michelle Obama, and I’ll show you either a liar, an idiot, or both because our First Lady can absolutely get it. And with her time in the nation’s spotlight coming to a close, she appeared to be pulling out all the stops.
For the Obamas’ final state dinner, Michelle straight stunted on the American people with a crazy hot Versace dress (I looked that up, don’t judge me). And it got me thinking, ya know what, Michelle Obama is definitely hot. Seriously, by middle-age woman standards, you could do a lot worse this Michelle.
So to honor Michelle Obama’s final couple months in office, we rounded up her hottest photos on the internet, because this is America, and that’s our right.
We’ll miss you, Michelle.

Cecilia Vega: Hottest Photos On The Internet
Cecilia Vega: Hottest Photos On The Internet
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