Isla Fisher's Short Lingerie Scene Might Make 'Keeping Up With The Joneses' Bearable

Isla Fisher is one of the most beautiful redheads in Hollywood, but in addition to her looks she also has a great sense of humor. That’s why she’s been able to steal scenes in movies like Wedding Crashers and one of our favorite cinematic masterpieces ever, Hot Rod. That’s also probably one of the reasons that she’s married to Sasha Baren Cohen, although that’s a detailĀ we’ll glance over.
For the most part, Fisher has done a great job in her career of combining her humor and looks in her movies, often playing sexy but flawed characters trying to make it in the real world. In turn, that makes her some kind of uber-girl-next-door. Take, for example, this new trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses. We’re sure the movie won’t be too amazing, but this scene featuring her busting out the lingerie is more than enticing.

As far as some of her photoshoots go, she’s shot with a ton of magazines, but perhaps the most famous one she did was for Allure. You can see those pictures and more in the gallery below.

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