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Gucci Mane Filmed Music Video At Georgia Tech SAE House


Gucci Mane Georgia Tech Music Video

The fraternity brothers at Georgia Tech’s SAE are probably going to have a new house anthem for a couple years after rappers Gucci Mane and Lotto Savage used their fraternity house to film a music video for their new song “Trapped It Out (Remix).”

The premise of the video is pretty funny: a bunch of bros in flip-flops and madras shirts try to hit on some honeys. Obviously, they’re unsuccessful in their wooing efforts, so they then call up Gucci and Lotto who come over, kick the dudes out, and “trap out” the fraternity house. Normally I’d say that getting kicked out of your own house is pretty unfrat, but the truth of the matter is that Gucci is the Trap Gawd and that it’s clearly for comedic effect.

You can’t tell me that this kid doesn’t know that he looks like a douche…


…you can’t tell me that because he knows it. He’s got that look down pat. That’s what makes this music video so sick. They’re villains and they know it.

Let’s just hope that they’re not actually selling drugs out of the house, though, because you know that the cops would use this music video as evidence in court for a search and seizure warrant. If that happened, where the hell would that cute pig stay?

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