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Bella Thorne Continues To Be A COED Fave, Poses In November Issue Of ‘Playboy’

Getty Images / Gustavo Caballero / Staff

Getty Images / Gustavo Caballero / Staff

Bella Thorne appeared in Playboy to take some blistering photos and ether trolls on social media. You can head over to Playboy to check out all of her pictures and read her quote that deserves all the applause emojis. Here’s a couple of my favorite pics from the shoot by photographer Chloe Aftel.

As if you needed any more reasons to follow Bella Thorne on social media, here she comes with some awesome new pics for Playboy. The 19-year-old actress stays bombarding her followers with unrelenting sexiness.

This is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re a true diehard Bella Thorne fan, you can catch her in Boo! A Madea Halloween this weekend. Bella has a starring role in the Tyler Perry movie that hits theaters on October 21. I’d personally rather get hit by a truck but to each their own.

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