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Syracuse Basketball Being Forced To Vacate Over 100 Wins Because The NCAA Blows

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I find the NCAA’s practice of ‘vacating wins’ to be the stupidest f*cking form of retroactive punishment there is. Look, no one considers something a win by scrolling through a record book and seeing the official stat line. Maybe you grey-headed f*ckers at the NCAA offices do, but not fans.

Fans consider a victory a win when they watch their team defeat another team in real time. Short of the NCAA inventing time travel, Syracuse will always have those 101 wins. And in those 101 wins, was a 2006 Big East Tournament victory. You’re going to tell everyone who watched Gerry McNarmara carry his Orange team through the tournament that it never happened? I don’t think so. You want to punish Syracuse for some sort of violation, dock them some scholarships. Ban them from the tournament. Do literally ANYTHING other than vacating wins, because vacating wins is essentially telling a girlfriend whom you cheated on that you never cheated. You cheated, it happened, there is nothing you can do to change that — you know, she knows it, EVERYONE knows it.


The NCAA’s order that Syracuse’s men’s basketball team must vacate 101 wins has cost the team every win in two different seasons and at least one Big East title, has learned. When the NCAA concluded its lengthy investigation into the Syracuse University athletics program in March of 2015, the Committee on Infractions levied several sanctions. One of those sanctions mandated that the university vacate 101 men’s basketball wins that occurred in five different seasons and make note of them in published materials.

On Monday, an NCAA official confirmed Syracuse’s win-loss records in each of those seasons. It’s the first time in the 19 months since the NCAA ruling there has been any indication of exactly which wins Syracuse vacated. The NCAA will not require SU to indicate the specific games that are being vacated, however it’s now clear which wins are gone in 2005-06 and 2011-12. The vacated wins include every one of Syracuse’s 23 victories in the 2005-06 season, including the Big East Tournament championship. Syracuse went 23-12 that season, but the record will now be reflected as 0-12.

That means Syracuse’s memorable run through the 2006 Big East Tournament is now wiped from the record books. The run punctuated the legend of Gerry McNamara as the then-senior led Syracuse to four consecutive wins in the Big East Tournament.

Yeah, I mean, whatever NCAA. Whatever keeps you happy and out of the fans’ way. Syracuse will have always won the 2006 Big East Tournament no matter what you do. I watched it happen with my own two eyes. Good luck convincing me otherwise.

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