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Elizabeth Hurley has always been a symbol of beauty throughout her career. However, Hurley is currently defying the laws of aging. The 51-year-old actress decided to model her own swimsuit line on Instagram. If your face does not light up and your jaw does not hit the ground, then I suggest you get your eyes checked immediately.

How is this possible?!? Elizabeth Hurley is 51 (!) years old and does not look a day older than 35. I actually think I might be insulting Ms. Hurley by saying she looks 35. Seriously, she is absolutely stunning. You can’t even say that Hurley looks good for her age because she looks good for all ages. End of story.
I actually can’t wrap my mind around it. How does someone continue to get better with age? The only name that comes to mind that is similar to Hurley is Jennifer Aniston. What is the secret? There’s no way that a proper diet and exercise is the only explanation. Genetics? Magic? I actually think Elizabeth Hurley found the fountain of youth and drinks from it every day.

Elizabeth Hurley


That picture was taken from 2002. That’s 14 years ago. She looks exactly the same! While all of us continue to get worse with age, Elizabeth Hurley will continue to be the modern day Benjamin Button.
Side note: You know who has to be kicking themselves right now? Hugh Grant. Grant dated Hurley her from 1987-2000. It was actually an amicable separation and the two remain friends to this day. However, what were you thinking, Hugh? That is the very definition of the one that got away.
Take a look at some of the ageless Elizabeth Hurley’s hottest photos here.

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