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Curt Schilling Continues To Prove That He Is Nuts, Goes On Rant About Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer

Curt Schilling red Sox


If you didn’t know that Curt Schilling was off his rocker, here’s reason #132 as to why the man is nuts.

On Monday, Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had to leave the game in the 1st inning against the Blue Jays due to a finger injury. Bauer cut his pinky on a drone a few days before, which required stitches. The stitches opened up and his finger started profusely bleeding, leaving the Indians no choice but to remove him from the game. Truthfully, they had no other choice. Bauer’s finger was a faucet. Be warned, it looked really disgusting.

I’ll give Bauer some credit. It was a dumb to even pull out the drone when you know there’s a small chance of injury. He took full responsibility and did not back down from any questions. He even brought a drone to the press conference and explained how he cut his finger. Ironically, Bauer cut his pinky while repairing it, not flying it.

Enter Curt Schilling. Once the blood started to pour on Bauer’s finger, the Twitter trolls took to Curt Schilling’s page and started to compare Bauer’s bloody finger to Schilling’s bloody sock. Anyone with a brain can tell you that there is no comparison to the two. Bauer only had stitches in his finger while Schilling was coming off of surgery on his ankle. Bauer had to come out of the game early, while Curt pitched a gem in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees. That being said, Schilling still felt the need to “silence” the people on Twitter.

Curt, you’re being trolled. Let it go. No one truly believes that your ankle and Bauer’s finger are the same. Bauer made a mistake and he owned up to it. Leave the kid, alone. It was a dumb move on his part. Luckily, the Indians still won the game. Besides, it’s not like you have ever done or said anything that was dumb…

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