Is There Another School That Kills Halloween Like SIU Does With ‘Unofficial Halloween?’

Real question: is there another school that absolutely obliterates “Unofficial Halloween” like Southern Illinois University? I know that SIU isn’t a school that’s on everyone’s radar unless you’re living in the midwest, but hot d*mn do these kids know how to party. “Unofficial Halloween” is an event that’s been going at SIU for years, and only recently has it also turned into a completely bonkers bar crawl thanks to the animals over at @SIDrunks.

This year, everyone’s favorite portable shot, Fireball, sponsored Unofficial. From the looks of things, the night went over smoother than a sip of frozen Fireball. Except for those guys who were arrested. And those chicks who had to walk home in what was left of their costumes. And the people who lost their wallets, cell phones, and dignity.

OK, a lot of stuff didn’t end up well. But that’s what makes Unofficial so awesome.

Check out the best costumes from the weekend-long event in the gallery below.

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