Did You Know President Obama Is A Trekkie?

Beam me up, Obama! I bet you didn’t know that President Barack Obama is a huge Trekkie. He absolutely loves science fiction films and TV shows. He may be a nerd, but he’s still the most powerful politician in the world (for now). Let’s take a look and see the type of sci-fi this two-term president has cherished for so many years.

For the November issue of WIRED magazine, Obama appeared as the special guest editor, where he revealed a rundown of his favorite entries in sci-fi from the big screen to the glowing screen in your living room.

One particular show that resonates with the president is the show Star Trek. Obama tells WIRED:

I’m a guy who grew up watching Star Trek—and I’d be lying if I said that show didn’t have at least some small influence on my worldview. What I loved about it was its optimism, the fundamental belief at its core that the people on this planet, for all our varied backgrounds and outward differ­ences, could come together to build a better tomorrow.”

Obama also shows great love for the movie The Matrix and The Martian (his favorite film of 2015) as well as the television show Cosmos: A Personal Journey, a TV show that premiered when Obama was in his late teens. He thoroughly enjoyed Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey because this film set in outer space “captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown.”  He also treasured another piece by director Stanley Kubrick:,Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which he enjoyed “because it is fundamentally optimistic.” And he was astonished by Star Wars because “it was fun and revolutionized special effects.”

Obama enjoys both the light and dark side of science fiction from Captain Kirk to killer robots. He embraced the graphic, disturbing world of Blade Runner because it’s a movie that “asks what it means to be human.” Indeed, this is a question a president must always consider, especially one whose job pretty much requires going to war in some capacity. And he’s no stranger in employing deadly bots on the battlefield. He has worked heavily in commanding killer robots as a part of his very own drone program during both terms in office, fighting in the Global War on Terror. Talk about science fiction meeting reality! Getting back to Blade Runner, just imagine for a moment…a time where these attack drones gain consciousness. Scary stuff!

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