Olivia Thirlby: Hottest Photos Of The 'Goliath' Actress

Olivia Thirlby is a 30-year-old actress from New York City, New York. The Big Apple native burst onto the scene in 2006, making her film debut as Nicole Carol Miller in United 93. She would make her television debut later that year, as she played Aubrey Cain in five episodes of Kidnapped.
Since getting her start, Thirlby has had no trouble finding work. Some of her most notable film roles include Leah in Juno (2007), Stephanie Squires in The Wackness (2008), Natalie in The Darkest Hour (2011), Judge Cassandra Anderson in Dredd (2012), and Alison Palmer in The Wedding Ringer (2015).
When it comes to television, Thirlby played Suzanne in four episodes of Bored to Death (2009), and she voiced Jenna in 12 episodes of Good Vibes (2011). Television is also where Olivia has appeared most recently, as the Amazon Video TV series Goliath made its debut on October 14, 2016.

Thirlby has a main role as lawyer Lucy Kittridge in the legal drama, and she could cross-examine me anytime she damn well pleases. Enjoy 15 of her hottest photos in the gallery below.

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