WATCH: Did This Young British Man Just Confess To Murder On YouTube?

A series of videos purported to be murder confession videotapes uploaded by YouTube user ‘SeventyBroad,’ have started to go viral. As of yet, SeventyBroad has uploaded a total of five YouTube videos–all of which appear connected to a murder (or multiple murders). Obviously after last week’s “Hi Walter” viral video, it would be completely reasonable to assume that this is a young lad who was trying to become infamous for making a similar (fake) crime confession.
Last week, a video called “Hi Walter, It’s Me Patrick” in which a man confessed to kidnapping a woman, had been connected by online sleuths to the disappearance of Kayla Berg, a young girl who had been kidnapped in Antigo, WI. After the video went viral, police eventually were able to determine that the video was a hoax and completely unrelated to the case of Kayla.

The only hitch in that copycat theory is that these videos were uploaded two weeks ago, before “Hi Walter” gained international infamy.
So what are these videos? Honestly, I believe/hope they are a hoax, an idea started by some bored kid in Great Britain somewhere. The only part that makes these videos believable is that he seems to be filming in an abandoned building. So maybe he’s actually homeless or a drug user.
The first video, titled, “my confession im so f*cking sorry” is filmed in the dark, seemingly with a Nikon camera. Maybe he’s a runaway?

Next up is the video “why wouldnt it burn why,” in which the young man tries to cover his abandoned room and himself in gasoline. He then tries to get a lighter to light, in an attempt to burn himself alive, but it doesn’t work (spoiler alert).

The third video we have is titled “who i killed” and is the main video that’s going viral at the moment. It’s a confession of sorts, although he doesn’t go into any more details other than the fact that he blames the drugs for what he’s done. This gives us our best look at the “SeventyBroad” and it’s from this video where I began to think the whole thing is staged. His acting is poor, his laugh seems too forced, and his distress seems artificial.

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