Meghan Kluth: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Getting her big break in the sports realm when she began hosting her own show Meghan @ and On the Love Seat With Meghan Kluth with The Chicago Sun-Times, Meghan Kluth’s rise to sportscaster fame has been quick and powerful. But when you’re as hot and talented as this woman is, that just kind of goes without question! So who is Meghan Kluth? Let’s take a minute to talk about exactly what makes this woman so dang lovable.

For starters, she’s super hot. By that, we obviously mean that she’s model-worthy hot! Couple that with a love for sports and you’ve got the perfect equation for dream girl creation. But beyond her good looks, Meghan Kluth also just so happens to be incredibly talented as well. Before making her way into broadcasting Kluth spent 15 years as a nationally ranked competitive figure skater. Due to her own dedication to athleticism, this woman obviously knows what it takes to be a pro. Kluth is most widely known in the sports realm for being a host on Comcast Network’s Battle of the Fans, but she also moonlights as an anchor for fashion segments on DivaMall TV as well as a host on WGN’s station 87.7 FM “The Game.”

Gorgeous, diverse, and too hot to even attempt to explain in words; Meghan Kluth is just plain impressive all around.

Check out Battle of the Fans host Meghan Kluth in her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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