Lauren Mayberry: Hottest Photos On The Internet

With Scottish blood coursing through her veins, one incredible singing voice, and an adorably innocent appearance that is almost too ironic to be true, Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry may very well be one of the hottest young women that the music industry currently has to offer. But if you know anything about her then there’s a good chance you’re already well aware of that! Ah, Europe FTW yet again.
Originally from Scotland, Lauren Mayberry has been passionate about music since she was a kid. Playing piano as a child and the drums since she was a teenager, Mayberry also adds a little bit more creativity to the mix as a freelance journalist as well. Although she may appear super young due to her babyface, Mayberry is actually 28! But we’d be lying if we said that the whole innocent rocker look isn’t exactly what we love about her, she pulls it off way too well!
Noted as a synth-pop band, Mayberry has been singing her pretty little heart out in the popular Scottish electronic band Chvrches since 2011. With tons of talent and a whole bunch of hotness, Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry is just plain hot all around! See for yourself by checking out Lauren Mayberry’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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