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Florida Football Players Mock The Death Of LSU’s Former Mascot, Mike The Tiger


Since when has mocking a school’s mascot that died from cancer become the cool thing to do? Spoiler alert: it’s not funny and it makes you look like a jerk.

A Reddit thread was opened to discuss the photo (pictured above) of two Florida players holding a cat-like skeleton with purple and gold beads on it. The photo was taken during Florida’s 40-14 blowout win over Missouri this past Saturday. There was some speculation that the skeleton represents Missouri because their mascot is a tiger. However, the purple and gold beads are the colors of Florida’s rival, LSU, who are also known as the tigers.

Why is this significant? LSU announced last week that its longtime mascot, Mike the Tiger VI, died last week. Mike VI was 11 years old and was humanely euthanized after a long battle with a rare form of cancer. So you’re telling me that a cat skeleton with purple and gold colored beads around it does not represent the LSU Tigers? My guess is the only people who will believe that statement are Florida fans.

The Florida Gators Twitter account stated that a fan threw the cat onto the field and it has no significance in their program.

This rivalry between Florida and LSU has really intensified over the past week and a half. Their game on October 8 in Florida was canceled because of Hurricane Matthew. The whole SEC has been debating on when and how to reschedule the game, with both Florida and LSU blaming the other side for the struggle. The issue was settled as Florida will now travel to LSU on November 19 to play the game.

The worst thing a team can do is to give their opponent extra motivation. Florida stupidly dumped gasoline on LSU’s fire. I’m not one for mortal locks, but if you feel like becoming rich, throw all of your money on LSU when the Gators stroll into town on November 19. LSU will blow them out of the building.

Stay classy, Florida football.

  • COED Writer