Uh Oh… Are The Chicago Cubs F*cked?

Ohhhhhh, Chicago. I was pulling for you, I really was. With my Mets long out of the postseason, I figured I might as well witness history, ya know? As a noted Jets and Mets fan, I can only imagine the pain Cubs fans have lived through, so I’m a decent enough guy to root for the end of one fanbase’s suffering. And they’re close. They’re so damn close. If the Cubs won game two, the series was as good as over. Had the Cubs been able to put down Kershaw, they wouldn’t have had to face him again until Game 5, if there even was one. Now? Now they’re on their was back to Los Angeles with the momentum clearly in the Dodgers favor.

With Games 3, 4, and 5 all being played in LA, you have to imagine the two teams will split games 3 & 4, evening the series at two a piece. Then in Game 5, the final NLCS game in LA, the Dodgers will be sending a red-hot Kershaw to the hill. Even if Arrieta pitches Game 5, you have to give the advantage to Kershaw. The Dodgers have won four playoff games so far this season and Kershaw has touched the ball in every single one of them. That, my friends, is called a pattern.

So let’s say, worst case scenario if you’re a Cubs fan (other than getting swept in LA): you come home down 3-2 with all the pressure in the world to win Game 6. Even if you survive a BRUTAL Game 6, Game 7 comes with just as much, if not more, pressure. Not only is it a winner-take-all game, but you know, YOU KNOW, the many Cubs-curses will start to creep into the fan’s minds. I would not want to be in that stadium for Game 7. While a win would be one of the most electric in their franchise’s history, a loss would be maybe THE most crippling loss in their already tormented history.

If I’m a Cubs fan, I’m already sweating. You’re essentially going into best of five series — three of which are games that will be played on the road, and one of which will be started by Clayton Kershaw. Not exactly the most ideal scenario if you ask me.

So, Chicago, hunker down because, by the looks of it, this series is going the distance. And if I were you (which as a Mets and Jets fan — I have been) I’d be really, really f*cking nervous.

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