If You’re Not Following Bella Thorne, You’re Doing Social Media Wrong

I’m gonna start by saying I legitimately have zero clue who Bella Thorne is. She’s an actress, I know that. What she’s acted in? Nope. I have no idea. The only reason Bella Thorne ever came to my attention because she came out as bisexual on Twitter like a god damn boss. She just like ever so casually tweeted it and I respect the hell out of it. Anyway, since that day, to fulfill my duty as a male blogger, I started following her on various social media accounts to see what she’s all about. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

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#His boxers were made for me

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This article is more or less a PSA. I’m trying to do my civic duty as a man. All for one, one for all, ya know?

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