Anna Kooiman: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Having served as both an anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel, Anna Kooiman quickly made a name for herself as one of the hottest and most talented women that news anchoring has to offer. Between her incredible on-screen reporting talent, to her overall gorgeousness former Fox News anchor Anna Kooiman is just too hot to resist!
Originally from North Carolina, Anna Kooiman is one of the few to snag a position in TV broadcast journalism before even graduating college. She got her big break in 2005 as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports affiliate WWAY in Wilmington, NC. To put it simply, this woman’s career has been on the rise since the minute she first stepped foot on camera! She went on to work at numerous networks in various different cities before making her way to NYC and jumping on board as an anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel. But let’s just be real here, given her background, there’s a pretty good chance that Kooiman is just going to keep on soaring! Regardless, she sure is nice to look at on camera, isn’t she?
See this gorgeous host at her finest by checking out her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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