Adrien Broner Allegedly Choked Out Vegas Waitress Less Than A Week After Threatening Suicide

Last week we told you about professional boxer Adrien Broner’s scary situation with threats of suicide. Thankfully it ended safely, with Broner returning home with his friends and family. Still, though, it’s very clear that Broner (like all people who have suicidal thoughts) needs help. So rather than send him to rehab or the hospital, Floyd Mayweather decided to fly Broner to Las Vegas to get down with some bottle chicks.
Unfortunately, it seems as though that wasn’t exactly the right decision because now there are reports that Adrien Broner attacked a female server, put his hands around her neck, and said, “B*tch I will knock you out.” Apparently, there are witnesses who can corroborate the story, in addition to a video which got the whole thing.

What Happened?

Floyd Mayweather took The Money Team and Adrien Broner out to Drai’s Nightclub this past weekend. While they were turning up, Broner allegedly choked a female waitress at the club and threatened to knock her out. While this was happening, witnesses allegedly filmed the whole dispute.
Police were called and arrived at the scene quickly. For his part, Broner denied everything to the police. Cops did not arrest Broner, but instead gave him a summons to appear in court at a later date.
We’re told that the video of the incident definitely does exist, but that it hasn’t surfaced yet.
Even if the story isn’t true, perhaps someone with a brain should help Broner before he kills himself or someone else. Taking someone to Las Vegas and surrounding them with crazy people and cash doesn’t sound like a good idea for someone who needs to duck out of the public spotlight for a while.
Here’s a video of him out and about in Las Vegas. Again, get him the f*ck out of there.

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