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WATCH: SNL Parodies “Second And Worst Ever” Presidential Debate

snl parody second debate ken bone

(Screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

Saturday Night Live opened last night with a satirical version of the most recent presidential debate and it was about a million times more enjoyable than the the real thing. I think we should all skip watching the third and final debate and instead just watch the SNL version.

Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Hillary Clinton and once again killed it. She’s really emerged as the linchpin of the SNL cast with her wide array of impressions and I expect her star to continue to rise in the coming years.

Alec Baldwin once again played the unhinged Republican candidate, and though it’s difficult to parody a man who is himself a parody, Baldwin has been a upgrade over Darrell Hammond in the role of Donald Trump. The part where he’s lurking behind Hillary is pure gold.

In the part everyone was looking forward to since he became a worldwide sensation less than a week ago, Bobby Moynihan hilariously portrayed the one and only Ken Bone.

All around, another great sketch for SNL that is a ray of sunshine in what is an otherwise horrifying campaign season.

Donald Trump, however, was not amused.

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