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WATCH: Slap Contest Ends In A Vicious Knockout



Take a wild guess as to who was the victor in this slap contest. Was it the super jacked guy in a tank top? Or, was it the malnourished looking guy in a black shirt? Let’s go to the tape.

There would be no Cinderella stories today. Goddamn, that was a brutal slap to the side of the head. My ears are ringing just from watching that brain-rattling contact. If only the guy in the black had 100 more bandages on, he might have been able to pull off the upset. Real missed opportunity there.

It was nice that they had someone Johnny-on-the-spot to catch his lifeless ass, though. They laid him down gently like he was a toddler getting put down for a nap. You know it’s a problem when goddamn slap contests have a better concussion protocol than the NFL.

Here’s an example of how you learn from your mistakes and evolve as a sport. Take some notes, Roger, you deceitful scumbag.

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