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Nerdcore Hip Hop Geeks Go After Alex Trebek After The Jeopardy Host Labels Them ‘Losers’



alex trebek calls nerdcore lfans osers

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Alex Trebek called Nerdcore fans ‘losers’ on Jeopardy and now is feeling their wrath.

I- like many others- had no idea what nerdcore hip hop was before I heard about this but I definitely had the exact same intuitive response as Trebek when Susan Cole explained that it was a subset “video games, science-fiction, [and] having a hard time meeting romantic partners.” The longtime Jeopardy host responded condescendingly, “losers,” and unintentionally started a war with the only group of people nerdier than Jeopardy viewers.

Check out nerdcore Mega Run’s hellacious response that ends with “suck it, Trebek.” This guy actually has pretty good flow and has be considering doing a nerdcore deep dive to see what it’s all about. I’m not going to do it though, because I’m a winner.

And WWE Tag Team Champion and unabashed nerd Xavier Woods- whose real name is Austin Creed- took the time to cut a promo standing up for nerdcore.

Let’s be honest, this casual putdown is exactly the type of publicity that nerdcore rappers have been dreaming of. Trebek is putting a spotlight on something that most people didn’t know existed. No one likes to be called a loser, but if you rap about having a hard time meeting romantic partners, you can’t be surprised when it happens.



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