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WATCH: DrugsLab Cutie Takes MDMA And Reports Her Findings


DrugsLab MDMA Episode

DrugsLab, the Dutch YouTube show where three hosts take different drugs in order to “safely” document the effects of the narcotics, is quickly becoming my favorite YouTube channel on the web.

Last week, the guys/girls over at DrugsLab took some Ketamine to describe to people exactly what it did to them. As someone who was always interested in the effects of Special K, but with no desire to actually take it, that was right up my alley. But this week they pulled out all the stops and gave Nellie, the cute girl in the crew, a dose of MDMA. The sneaky bastards even put her Dutch blue eyes as the thumbnail, which is pretty much guaranteed to give this video over a million views.

I don’t need to tell you that MDMA, (what should be) the active drug in Ecstasy, is extremely popular among the yoot dem. So I think it’s pretty great that these guys are talking about the positive and negative effects the drug can have on you.

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