WWE Divas: The Wrestlers’ Hottest Halloween Costumes

Halloween season is finally here, and the WWE Divas sure know how to properly celebrate the occasion. It’s go big or go home in the WWE, as it’s all about making bold moves and keeping the fans entertained. Usually, this is done with top-notch wrestling in the ring or intriguing feuds between superstars, but if all else fails they can always fall back on the sex appeal of their Divas.

These super athletic and gorgeous young ladies already look stunning in their wrestling attire, so it’s practically unfair when they decide to rock Halloween costumes. Their skimpy outfits crank up the thermostat to the point where every match is an Inferno Match.

We’ve compiled some of the Divas’ hottest Halloween looks in the gallery below, and we think you’re in for a real treat. A few of my personal favorites include Trish StratusĀ as Wonder Woman, Kelly Kelly as a sailor, and Eva Marie as Jessica Rabbit, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Crack open a Steveweiser, throw on your finest Ric Flair robe, and enjoy the photos.

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