WATCH: Golfer Puts Twist On Happy Gilmore Style Drive, Hits Amazing Shot

I think we’re all familiar with the famous running swing tactic Happy Gilmore used to hit preposterously long drives. I’m also pretty sure we’ve all wasted countless perfectly good range balls trying to replicate Happy’s magic to no avail. Thankfully, professional Norwegian golfer Mathias Schjoelberg is not like the rest of us. He can successfully execute Happy’s swing while adding an amazing twist to it.

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Happy Gilmore on point šŸ‘» @golf_gods @highlighthub

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So goddamn impressive. The soccer flick, the Gilmore crow hop, and absolutely perfect contact. It doesn’t get any better.

Now that it’s clear thatĀ Schjoelberg has mastered this shot, I’m hoping he’ll continue with some more Happy Gilmore tributes. I want to see him hit a hole in one on a par 4, drill an unsuspecting lady leaning out her window, and most importantly, deposit a sub directly into a hungry fan’s suck hole.

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