Ghost Of Harambe Possesses London Zoo Gorilla, Breaks Through Glass Enclosure In Pursuit Of Redemption

A yet-to-be-identified-gorilla at the London Zoo (or Zoological Society of London if brevity isn’t your thing) broke out of his enclosure today by literally hurling himself repeatedly at the glass enclosure until he broke through it.

According to The Standard, Jonny Briers, 22, told them:

“We were at the gorilla enclosure and the gorilla charged at the glass. It didn’t break it, we saw it do it earlier in the day as well.

And then we started to leave and we heard the siren go off. Then we saw zookeepers running and they told us to go inside. We went into the aquarium and they locked the doors.

We were in there for about half an hour to 45 minutes. We didn’t know what was happening. A zookeeper kept us calm and said it was an animal escape siren.”

No video has been made available yet. We will update this post as soon as we find one.

@SkyNewsBreak lock in at London Zoo – Gorilla on the loose?

— hannah (@hannahod) October 13, 2016

Here's the gorilla 30 mins ago …just 2 seconds before he threw himself at the window #scary #londonzoo #escapedgorilla

— Rob Hogan (@RobHogan4) October 13, 2016

Armed police have left London Zoo, Gorilla's been tranquillised. 1 woman saw it 'losing it' &trying to smash the glass of its enclosure @LBC

— Rachael Venables (@rachaelvenables) October 13, 2016

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