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Kumbuka, a gorilla at the Zoological Society of London, escaped from his enclosure on Thursday afternoon. According to witnesses, Kumbuka was able to break out after repeatedly throwing himself against the glass, then running for safety. The gorilla was subdued by zoo keepers armed with tranquilizer darts, a decidedly less violent reaction than what happened at the Cincinnati Zoo with Harambe (RIP).

Although Kumbuka’s name hasn’t yet been confirmed by the London Zoo (probably in an attempt to keep memes off the web), he’s the only male silverback gorilla listed on the ZSL website.

What Happened?

Here's the gorilla 30 mins ago …just 2 seconds before he threw himself at the window #scary #londonzoo #escapedgorilla pic.twitter.com/bjXjJnrMAy

— Rob Hogan (@RobHogan4) October 13, 2016

Around 3:15 P.M. local time, Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure after breaking through the glass. Rob Hogan, a guest of the zoo, took this photo of Kumbuka apparently a couple of minutes before he escaped.

Once ZSL security was alerted about the escape, they told the staff to lock everyone indoors. They also called Scotland Yard and asked for armed police officers to help secure the area. You can see those officers walking the grounds below.

An eyewitness to the scene, Brad Evans, was in the zoo and told BBC Radio London what happened.

“We were having a cup of coffee in the main restaurant area when they locked us all in and said there was an incident.

“They gave us free teas and coffees and obviously we were asking what was going on and they told us that a gorilla had got out of its enclosure.

“As we were waiting we saw the police turning up in numbers with loads of guns.”

Who Is Kumbuka?

According to the ZSL website, Kumbuka is an 18-year-old male western lowland silverback gorilla who arrived at the London Zoo in early 2013 from the Paignton Zoo in Dover. The website states that although he had never had a female mate before, he was more than flirty when he met with the other female gorillas at the London Zoo.

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