Drake Dumped This Chick To Start Dating Her Sister And Dammit We Have No Choice But To Give Him Props

Love him or hate him, this is some Mount Rushmore type shit from Drake. Drake recently started dating model India Love, but that was only after he broke it off with her sister Crystal Westbrooks. If that isn’t an all-time move, I don’t know what is.
According to Mirror:

Crystal wasn’t too happy about the pair’s romance and hit out on social media in a string of tweets.
“That awkward moment when she hops on your exes….. Nvm nvm nvm #iFeelLikeRayJ. I need answers sway,” one is believed to have read.
India also posted a cryptic tweet of her own, with some believing she was taking aim at Drake’s ex Rihanna.

Anyway, this all has something to do with Rihanna, and Drake getting back at her for their mutual relationship. But honestly, who cares. I’m a man of principle, albeit few principles. One of them is to not give a flying horse turd about celebrity relationships. They’re regular people, doing regular people things. We have enough nonsense in our own lives to be spending valuable seconds of life thinking about these people. Moral of the story is, Drake was bangin’ Rihanna, got like kinda dumped, started banging another girl, dumped her, and then started nailing her sister.
Do yourself a favor and follow the almost unreal looking Crystal Westbrooks on Instagram.









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