Yes, Of Course A ‘Sexy Ken Bone’ Halloween Costume Exists, This Is America Goddamit

Oh, America. You beautifully demented piece of flame-engulfed art. You never cease to amaze me. Sure, I probably should have seen this coming — we all should have — but there’s just something about the ‘sexy undecided voter costume’ that’s still blowing my mind. First the Kim Kardashian robbery costume, and now this.

Online lingerie retailer Yandy is now selling a “sexy undecided voter” costume. Obviously, it isn’t called a Ken Bone costume, cause then they’d have to pay the man. According to the product description, for a mere $99.95 (?!?!?) , the costume comes with  “an iconic red crop top with cap sleeves, a white cropped undershirt, blue high waisted pants with a back zipper closure, the must-have mustache, black glasses and, of course, a microphone.”

F*cking Halloween and the Presidential election from hell are on a crash course, and the result is this epic Ken Bone costume. I know if I saw a chick in the bar rocking this, I’d know two things about her: A) she’s a true American, and B) she likes to BONE (haha, I nailed it, awesome joke Eric).

I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope the Ken Bone meme has enough steam to last through till the end of the election.

[h/t Uproxx]

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