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The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Of Last Year


Offensive Halloween costumes have risen in popularity to combat the PC culture and social justice warriors of today. No longer are people dressing up to scare others; they’re dressing up to offend, poke fun of, and make light of dark situations.

We’re not saying it’s right (or wrong), we’re just saying people going overboard is a natural response to other people trying to censor everything. But on college campuses or in the streets of cities and towns, there are a lot of people who don’t see these costumes as jokes. They find cultural appropriation racist, offensive, and insensitive. They find jokes about dead celebrities in poor taste. They don’t approve of people wearing blackface (oh wait, no that one’s 100% legit because blackface is just about the most racist thing ever).

2016 isn’t going to be any different. And while there haven’t been any new Bill Cosby or Cecil the Lion controversies, there have been a ton of celebrities who’ve died and  many more travesties. You’d be crazy to think that this would be the year that Offensive Halloween Costumes end. And while we’ve tried to list all of the worst costumes, you better believe that some people are going to come up with ones that are a million times worse.

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