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Floyd Mayweather Held A Private Twerking Party Because He Can



Floyd Mayweather did not make it rain. He made it pour.

My typical Tuesday nights consist of laying on my couch, eating chips like a slob and praying I don’t have to work the next morning.

Floyd Mayweather’s casual Tuesday night consists of money, dancers and hotel rooms. The legendary boxer held his own private twerking party in an L.A. hotel room as he casually threw around stacks of his money.

Is this what retirement feels like?

Question: What would you do if you had as much money asĀ Floyd Mayweather? Seriously, what would you do? I can’t even comprehend that fact because I’ll never have it. I’d probably just buy a dog and let my money rot away in the bank. Boring Dan strikes again! There’s no way I could throw up videos of me throwing my money all over the place especially with what just happened to Kim K.

So you know what I would do? I’d just burn it all. Who needs money, am I right?

  • COED Writer