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I Wasn’t Gonna Post About Clowns Anymore, But This Batman Chasing Them Down Is Too Awesome Not To


batman clown

I had placed a self-imposed clown ban on myself. I didn’t want to write about all these bullshit crazy clown sightings anymore because I’m of the belief that the consistent media attention is just egging them along. But… then I saw Batman got involved, and my whole self-imposed ban burnt to the ground, because I absolutely had to write about this. Over in England, because, of course, there is a Batman patrolling the streets to make kids feel safe from the clowns.

According to BBC Cumbria, the Batman is from Cumbria Superheroes, a company where you can hire superhero mascots for kid’s birthday parties and things of that nature.┬áCumbria Superheroes heard that many children had been left traumatised by the clowns lurking around the town, so they decided to donate their Batman suit to a righteous cause.

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