Juggalo Arrested For Wearing Clown Makeup & Carrying A Hatchet In North Carolina Forest

Travis Pressley, a 20-year-old from North Carolina, was arrested for stalking around in the woods carrying a hatchet. This is just another arrest in the recent “Crazy-Clown” craze that has been taking over the United States. However, this arrest might have given the police some new clues to the source of the craze.

As noted on one of his Facebook pictures, Pressley sports a very large tattoo of the Hatchetman, the symbol of Psychopath Records, which is also the label founded by the Insane Clown Posse. The Insane Clown Posse, or ICP for short, is an American hip-hop duo from Detroit, whose trademark clown face paint and horror-themed lyrics are known nationwide.

While nothing has been said as to what influenced Pressley to commit this creepy act, it is pretty easy to infer that the Insane Clown Posse had some influence on his decisions. ICP’s fans, known as “Juggalos” were classified as a criminal gang by the FBI in 2011 and are known for committing crimes and inciting violence whenever possible. While Pressley stated that he only meant to scare his friends, his criminal history of larceny, along with the hatchet found in his backpack, suggest otherwise.

Now with one clown finally behind bars, law enforcement may be finally able to gain insight about why people are dressing up as clowns to scare people and find a way to stop the craze before things get even more out of hand.


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