RIP Mike The Tiger: Legendary LSU Mascot

Mike VI the Tiger, LSU’s live mascot, is dead at the age of 11. Mike VI had been fighting a rare form of cancer, spindle cell sarcoma, since May 2016 when he was diagnosed. Following the diagnosis, LSU officials announced that Mike would no longer be placed in a cage outside the stadium, a former ritual for everyone entering the stadium to pass by.

Earlier this summer, one of Mike’s handlers noticed an abnormally large tumor on the right side of his face. He was taken by a police motorcade, something for VIPs like Mike. It was hoped by many that the radiotherapy he began last June would help him defeat the cancer, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

How Did Mike VI Die?

Mike was humanely euthanized by his caretakers one day after he entered hospice care on October 10.

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