Some Poor Soul Had To Interview Kylie Jenner For Hours But At Least These Photos Came Out Of It

Kylie Jenner has turned the dial way up in a red-hot photo shoot that is out of this world. It looks like Caitlyn isn’t the only Jenner turning heads lately.

Jenner graces the cover of the October/November edition of Complex in jaw-dropping, eye-popping fashion. Some photos are quite psychedelic, but every image is definitely sexy.

In this shoot, Kylie becomes the queen of latex. She is quite revealing and, at times, topless, never concealing the magic of her beauty. In her interview, she discusses lying about lip injections and talks about her rapper boyfriend Tyga. But Complex hit the jackpot when they teamed up with famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for this magnificent photo shoot of Ms. Jenner in all her glory.

Check below to see some stunning Kylie Jenner photos that are sure to increase the heat and steam up computer screens.

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