Ken Bone’s Appearance On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Last Night Was Electric

Electricity courses through this man’s veins. I really like this dude. He was thrust into bizarre internet fame, which is something most people don’t know how to respond to. He could have hidden away. He could have become a douche. Or even worse, he could have sold out and become a total cornball salesman. But no, Ken Bone is Ken Bone, and he is going to be who he is dammit. Dude calls himself fat on national late night television. Electric.

The man also respects capitalism. You KNOW all the late night programs came calling, so you know Kimmel offered him the most money to appear. Damn right Kenny Beez took that offer.

“I would love to say I was born this way, but I think the short answer is my wife dresses me, like all great Americans,” – K. Bone. Electric.

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