Goodbye Big Papi, The Red Sox’s David Ortiz Has Retired

Growing up a Yankees fan in the 90s and 2000s, I have seen some great players play for and against the Yankees in the post-season. However, no player has been the rue of my nightmares quite like the Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz.

Last night, Ortiz played the final game of his career as he went out not with a bang, but rather a fizzle and poof. There were no post-season heroics and no come from behind victory that many Red Sox fans had become accustomed to.

Instead, Red Sox fans were treated to a sweep as the Sox failed to come back at the bottom of the 9th. An anticlimactic ending to a storied career. While many are saddened to say goodbye to one of baseball’s greatest ambassadors, this Yankees fan can only say “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

For years, the memories of the 2004 ALCS have haunted my dreams until the Yankees returned to the top in 2009. Five years of nothing but shining in the spotlight for David Ortiz, from the clutch hits in the late innings to the walk-off home runs in extras, the Big Papi did it all.

David Ortiz Final Game

Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Now that Ortiz is gone, all Yankees fans can sleep a little easier knowing that the days of his big hits in the Bronx are over. The Red Sox don’t look as dangerous as they once did and the Yankees can finally regain that AL East crown that has eluded them for the past four years. David Ortiz, enjoy retirement, us Yankees fans won’t miss you, but Sox fans definitely will.

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